Understanding the history of Much Dewchurch Parish

Much Dewchurch is an historic Parish with a rich and fascinating history.

The area includes a number of sites of historic interest, for example:

· The village of Much Dewchurch was the ecclesiastical centre of the district;
· The Waldorf school is thought to be built on the site of a former medieval settlement;
· Coles Tump is a natural feature with enclosure;
· Before 500AD there was a canon of Welsh Monks living on the area now the garden of Stone House
· Kivernoll was an important settlement rivalling Much Dewchurch;
· The former Tump at Wormelow is said to be the burial place of Modred, nephew of King Arthur;
· The current church is Norman in structure and dates back to the early 12th century and is
   grade 1 listed;
· There is an unusually high concentration of historic and listed buildings, both in the village itself and
   on farms in the surrounding countryside.

At our first AGM on November 21st 2017 members brought old photographs and texts about the history of the Much Dewchurch Parish. There was great interest in the photos,  press cuttings and WI books, with a considerable amount of amusement and reminiscing. The idea of a local history book was welcomed.......... all we need now is volunteers to do the research and compilation of the areas of interest.

Although many fragments of historical fact are known, they are not recorded anywhere as a whole and the danger is that with passing generations pieces of the historical jigsaw puzzle will be lost.

There are many residents keen to pool their knowledge of the Parish history to make a formal record. You may wish to contribute or simply to enjoy learning about the history of the place where you live.

See some possible ideas an avenues by clicking on    More details

Anyone interested in working on a particular aspect should contact the  Secretary or  Webmaster


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